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About Philton Autotrims Leather Car Seats

Philton Autotrim was established in 1995 with the express aim of manufacturing high quality leather car seats & covers. Together with our dedicated, skilled staff and specialized equipment, we are able to offer you efficient service and work of a high standard, resulting in some of the best leather car seats in South Africa.

Our leather is imported from Italy because of its colour consistency, softness and superior quality. All standard colours and thread are readily available, and for those who want to personalize their products, other colours are available on request. Embosssed or embroidered logos can be added for further personalization.

All Philton Autotrim products are warranted for 12 months.

Leather Cutting

Philton Autotrim purchased a state-of-the-art leather cutting machine that reduces the leather cutting time for a car interior from nearly four hours to 15 minutes. The cut quality and accuracy is also markedly improved. The machine has been so successful that cutting time is also sold to other industries.


The sewing plant uses more than 15 sewing machines, sourced from Durkopp Adler in Germany. Many of the machines are less than two years old and have the latest electronic controls. A Durkopp Adler seat side-airbag machine ensures correct airbag seam sewing and complete traceability in the event of a car accident.


Philton Autotrim fits its leather interiors in the premises of its fitting partners throughout South Africa.

The original cloth covers are removed and the new leather covers fitted according to the requirements of the customer. Door panels are also covered in leather according to customer specifications.

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