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Leather is a durable and flexible product made from animal skin. At Philton Autotrim, we use only cattle hides which are processed at Conceria Pasubio SPA in Italy, a tannery that supplies some of the most exclusive car manufacturers in Europe making us one of the leading leather suppliers in South Africa.

We use and sell FULL GRAIN (Nappa) and CORRECTED GRAIN hides only.

FULL GRAIN hides have not been sanded or buffed to remove any imperfections. It is the highest quality and most expensive available.

CORRECTED GRAIN hides have been buffed to remove any imperfections. A print is then embossed on the surface.

All our hides have water based rather than solvent finishes which makes them ideal for the automotive and upholstery industries.

Visit our factory in Pretoria or phone 012 803 8815 to enquire about other colours & options from the leading leather suppliers South Africa.