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Can a leather interior affect your car’s resale value?

Whether you want to sell, auction, or trade your car, you want to ensure it has a good resale value. A sleek leather car interior could count in your favour. Seats are the first and last contact with your car, so comfort for you and your passengers, in addition to its stylish looks, make leather seats a must.

Debunking interior leather myths

Sophisticated drivers enjoy their cars’ performance and quality interior leather. Leather is comfortable, stylish, makes a classy statement. However, many drivers may shy away from this remarkable natural material due to myths about interior leather.

How to choose upholstery leather

Upholstery leather is set apart for being more appropriate to cover car interiors of cars, boats, planes, décor, and furniture. Generally, this type of leather comes in larger sizes and has been treated to have specific physical characteristics, including resistance to wear, water, fire, etc.